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ĦEl Diccionario Que Canta!

Top Website Praise.

Dictionaraoke becomes a Gnome Favorite!

Chris is one cool dude! He gave us this neat computer award for our music website! Thanks, Chris! This is what he had to say about our site!

{New definition for music} ROTFLMAO! Okay, you've all heard those audio pronunciations from online dictionaries, right? If you weren't sure how to pronounce a word, a digitized audio guide is very helpful. Well, take those same voices and have them sing some of your favorite rock, punk, and pop songs. Somehow, it's just not quite the same -- but it's absolutely hilarious. It's computerized karaoke! I don't remember the original version of "Take On Me" making me double over with laughter. Well, maybe that one time. I wonder what Webster would say? Probably something along the lines of: "Please stop."

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