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ĦEl Diccionario Que Canta!

Top Magazine Praise.

Redefining Sing-Alongs!

Wired Magazine

March 2002 page 118

What could possibly make you want to hear the "Macarena" again? How about a dictionary that sings pop songs? That's exactly what the pranksters in the Snuggles new media collective accomplished with this Web site. Dictionaraoke replaces original vocals with audioclips from pronunciation guides at online dictionaries. The site's stylistic variations help it transcend the one-joke conceit. On (I Got You) I Feel Good," numerous voices chime in, but on "Breakin' The Law," a soloist dominates. And "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" is a romantic duet that pairs Merriam-Webster Online with Microsoft's Encarta Online. The scholarly overenunciation helps to decipher misheard lyrics. Pink Floyd croons of "dark sarcasm," not "Dukes of Hazzard," in the classroom. Best of all, the site has complete instructions on how to assemble your own Dictionaraoke tracks so that you, too, can bring in the funk ...and Wagnalls. -Chris Baker

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